Tour Sayulita & San Pancho

Stroll through the bay’s most colorful villages on a laidback food, art, and shopping tour. The Sayulita & San Pancho tour is a perfect fit for those travelers seeking to indulge their senses with the hippiechic vibes and local flavors of these eclectic towns.

Make a quick stop to try exotic fruits & local sweets

On the way to San Pancho, your day of exploration and discovery begins with a stop at a colorful roadside stand where we will taste exotic fruits and local sweets. Your guide will share the history behind some of those traditional sweets and their origin. It will be an excellent opportunity to take a piece or two for the road.

Taste Mexican street food in San Pancho

We continue to San Pancho to meet the staff of Su Pancha Madre, a very cool food truck dedicated to one of the most iconic dishes of Mexican street food, sopes. They welcome us with a mouthwatering sope prepared at the moment, in a gourmet way. Enjoy its great flavor and colorful presentation.

After a short break, walk through the surrounding streets to the main avenue of San Pancho, where we will have half an hour to admire its murals and leisurely stroll through the galleries and shops. Tuesdays in San Pancho have added value because they are market days, the perfect opportunity to browse through hundreds of products made by hand by local artists.

Approaching the center of San Pancho, we stop at a local food stall. At this classic plaza food stall, we’ll savor a delicious and fulfilling quesadilla made with a blue corn tortilla.

Visit The Tequila Experience at Sayulita

We kindly invite you to submerge yourself in this indulging experience! We will show you a unique way to experience Tequila and Mezcal. The Tequila Experience is a 100% Family friendly Tequila tasting (Yes! We have non alcoholic beverages!) for all your senses! We will teach you, in a very fun but educational way, the history and legends of Tequila, the process of creation and distilling for our 100% Agave Azul, artisan Tequila. We are a true educational and original Mexican Party, become a Tequila expert at the same time you have the time of your life!

We will introduce you to 9 kinds of Tequila & Mezcal, including White (Blanco), Rested (Reposado), Aged (Añejo) and Extra Aged (Extra Añejo) as well mezcal, raicilla and more sorprises!

All of this will be served to you, in crystal clear deluxe glasses, to help you experience and recognize the body, smell, and profile of the Tequila. Our Tequila Masters will be leading you throughout this whole unforgettable experience!

Enjoy Sayulita’s shops, boutiques and galleries

The multi-ethnicity of this charismatic town is present in its handicrafts, bars, restaurants and stalls selling jewelry, handmade garments and swimsuits. Walk down Sayulita’s most iconic street as you delight in the beautiful art and galleries. This tour of Sayulita and San Pancho is a fun and charming day out, perfect to enjoy with friends or make new ones!

What's included in this tour

  • Street food snacks
  • Round-trip transportation
  • Bilingual guide
  • Purified water & Beer onboard
  • 6 Hour Private Tour
  • Tequila Tasting at Sayulita

What do you need to know before you book

  • Minimum age: 8 years old
  • Kids between 8 & 11 years price $ 76.00 us
  • Adults price $ 109.00 us

What to bring

  • Light clothing in spring and summer
  • Extra money for shopping on your own
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Beach towells


Should I bring a swim suit?
You definitely can. We do not allot a certain time for swimming but we will offer a free time at Sayulita for food, shopping or swimming.

Will we have time on the beach?
This tour is more of a city tour and beach day to enjoy!
There will be a time for you to swimming

Are there shopping opportunities on this tour?
Yes you will have opportunities to shop in the small stores in Sayulita and San Pancho.

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